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Dave Adams

D&RGW Durlin Branch, On3.

Freelanced version of the D&RGW fourth division, Chama to Durlin is located in an 18x27 room, layout is partially double decked. Basic hardshell is 100% complete, 90% of scenery is highly detailed with prototype scenes of Chama, Cresco and Navajo plus freelanced areas using typical 1930s D&RGW and RGS equipment & structures. Using a 20s operating format, operating emphasis is on small steam engine mountain railroading hauling general freight, coal, ore concentrates, and passengers along with the fall stock rush. Operating style is casual as befits a narrow gauge branch line faced with an increase in traffic.

Easy DCC with the recent OPS wireless throttles, Soundtraxx decoders, telephone, TT&TO, 4:1 fast clock, car card and waybill. Uncoupling 100% manual using pics. Locomotive serving augmented by sound and spout motion at water stops and coal tower. Stock loading is timed by sound modules.

Here's a video tour by TSG Multimedia:

An introduction to paperwork on the Durlin Branch

Articles in Model Railroader, Jan 2000, Finescale Railroader 2003 Narrow Gauge Annual, and Model Railroad Hobbyist April 2011

Updated 12/10/2018