Tentative Operating Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to change and about the only thing we can promise is that the final schedule will be different. However flawed, the tentative schedule does offer insights into which layouts may only be offered in confict with each other and that ***MAY*** help some groups come to better decsions on their collective choices. Individuals within Groups MUST submit identical choices: we can't read your minds.

Layouts with times noted in GREEN are BONUS sessions and do not conflict with or count against your regular op sessions.

Nothing on this page changes the ProRail 2024 layout assignment process: you will still submit a list of the layouts you want in order of preference and that list along with your date of registration will determine your assignments. We start with the highest priority guest (determined by time of registration) and give you the best available layout per your requests. After we've gone through the whole list (everyone gets a first round pick), we start over at the top until every guest has had their best three choices. Therefore you should fill out the priority list down to 10, and you should register as early as possible. Once assignments have been published (and people have negotiated carpools, etc.) we fill the dropouts by hand to minimize disruption. Note that groups traveling together will get a collective priority closer to the priority of the guest with the lowest priority in the group.

Of course we reserve the right to make adjustments to ensure operators with the right mix of skills are at all sessions and these procedures may be modified at any time at the whim of the ProRail 2024 Committee

Host Railroad Distance/Time Crew Thu
Adams D&RGW Durlin Branch 30/ 45  8 9:30 AM
9:30 AM
Bowdidge SP Vasona Branch 36/ 45  4 10:00 AM
Dias/Bowdidge Western Pacific/SP Vasona Branch 21/ 45  4 9:00 AM
Fortin ATSF 4th District 31/ 45  15 9:30 AM
Houston SP Rocklin Sub 130/ 150  8 10:00 AM
Kaufman/Schmidt State Belt RR/Nicasio Northern Railway 54/ 75  5 9:30 AM
Loveless The SP Coast Division Monterey Branch 81/ 90  9 9:00 AM
Marenzi Copper Pass & Western 21/ 45  9 9:00 AM
Merrin Northwestern Pacific (NWP) 80/ 90  8 10:00 AM
Neumann UP Oakland Sub 23/ 45  8 10:00 AM
Parks Western Maryland 24/ 30  16 9:00 AM
Providenza Santa Cruz Northern 52/ 75  12 9:30 AM
Radkey BNSF Pink Lady Sub 36/ 50  11 10:00 AM
Schnur C&O Alleghany Subdivision 42/ 60  9 9:30 AM
Silicon Valley Club Silicon Valley Lines 32/ 45  10 5:00 PM
Stephens Ohio and Little Kanawha 17/ 30  5 10:00 AM
Thompson SP Santa Rosalia Branch 31/ 45  4 10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Weiss Central Vermont in Northern California 60/ 75  13 9:00 AM
Zach Sierra Railroad 125/ 150  13 10:30 AM
Total Slots Each Day21615249