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Jack Burgess, MMR,
Yosemite Valley Railroad, HO.

Jack's layout is being offered as part of a "Two-Fer" with Jim Dias' Western Pacific. These are small (4 operators) layouts about 2 minutes apart. Jack and Jim will host 2 hour op sessions at each layout. They are offered as a regular session on Saturday and a bonus session on Thursday. Given that these layouts are both gems, we expect all slots to be sold out in the first round, so do not be surprised if you don't draw this package.

This replica of the Yosemite Valley Railroad fills a two car garage. The layout was completed in June 2011 after 31 years of work; see 2013 Great Model Railroads. Full scenery, exceptional detail: prototype modeling. Recreates August 1939 on the Yosemite Valley RR with exact duplication of locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, scenes, and scenery. Over 100 scratch built structures. The rolling stock is scratch built, resin and styrene kits. Operating style is prototypical, and tightly structured reflecting 1939 practices, i.e., little or no non-prototype talking, etc. On the other hand, the prototype involved a lot of waiting so, while the fast clock ratio is high, there is plenty of time for switching and getting the job done. Operations include 2 through freights and two locals operating at scale speeds (typically 15 mph) involving a number of meets.

North Coast DCC with wireless throttles and Soundtraxx decoders, party line telephone, TT&TO, 8:1 fast clock, switchlists, documentation includes employee timetable, fascia labeling, orientation. Duckunder to enter layout.

revised 11/24/2019

The Yosemite Valley Railroad's website is

Here's a TSG Multimedia Video of the Yosemite Valley

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