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Carquinez Model Railroad Society

CMRS is a 2300 sq. ft. layout located in Crockett, CA. It depicts the route from Oakland, CA to Sparks, NV with many prototypical scenes and recognizable scratch built buildings along the route. The layout is a mushroom design using a double track main with an eight foot helix at each end. Operations consists of eight locals with intensive work at the local industries. Mainline trains feed three yards at Oakland, Sacramento, and Sparks which build the locals. Era is 1970’s to modern. Scenery is 85% complete with extensive mountains constructed in cooperation with Bragdon and Associates. Cars are routed using a car card/waybill system. Operating sessions are usually 4-6 hours with a lunch break. During that time each local operates once before and once after lunch with different crews each run.

Control is NCE DCC with extensive use of wifi throttles

Here is a video layout tour from TSG Multimedia...

updated 1/15/23