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Mike Coen

Western Pacific Oregon Division, HO

What if the WP had built through Klamath Falls, OR to Central Oregon over the Cascades, beating the SP to Springfield/Eugene, where it connected with the former SP&S subsidiary Oregon Electric line to Portland? SP has trackage rights to expedite freight traffic to/from Oregon and California. WP has through-train agreements with BN and Santa Fe.


Geographic area: Southern to Central Oregon, Era circa 1969 – 1980 – Late Orange & Silver, F-units, BN merger “dogs breakfast lash-ups” through New Image era.


Double-deck, around the walls with continuous grade (no helix) connecting upper and lower decks. 330 foor main line.

. L-shaped room. Length –Short Leg: 22’ , Long Leg, 34’. Width, both legs - 13 feet

· Stud wall 23’ long running down the middle of the long leg.

· Separate 25’ x 6’ room for workshop and SP staging

Control: NCE wireless cabs

Track warrant and car-card operations

Crew: 8 - Dispatcher, Springfield Yardmaster, North yard switcher, South yard switcher/hostler, North Local, South Local, 3+ road trains.

60% complete - Mainline and some industry tracks completed. 70% of the scenery is complete.

Here is a video layout tour from TSG Multimedia

Modified 12/10/2018