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David Griffy

The Benton Group Model Railroad

TBG is a switching layout, set within the yard limits of the community of Nowheres. Like the spokes of a wheel, mains, interchanging, and industrial railroads feed trains into, out of, and thru Nowheres. In addition, Nowheres has several industry spots for switching.

A typical session runs about 3 hours and uses 4-6 operators and we run:

  • W/B Freights from Klamath, being switched in Nowheres, and terminating in Roseville.
  • E/B Freights from Roseville, being switched in Nowheres, and terminating in Klamath
  • WP turn from the interchange track (staged), being switched in Nowheres, and terminating where it originated
  • Thru Freights between Roseville and Klamath
  • Thru passenger trains that may set out the diner for service in Nowheres (Probably not active for this event)
  • Two Reefer drags originating Roseville/and or Klamath and being switched by the Nowheres Industrial Switcher
  • One Over Night Express originating in Roseville or Klamath and being switched by the Nowheres industrial Switcher
  • One ice bunker express drag originating in Roseville or Klamath and bring switched by the Nowheres industrial Switcher; Five ore drags turns from stagingor from a modeled mine (/modeled) thru Nowheres to a separate ore yard and back. The ore yard and the Nowheres Yard are conceptually 20 miles apart but in reality, are separate by about an inch
  • A DMIR Ore Dock and Ore Switcher that moves the inbound loads from the I/B ore yard track to the ore dock and from the ore dock to the O/B empty ore yard track and relocates cabooses and other duties associated with the two Rip Track. The ore yard has two RIP tracks and five tracks and has the potential of holding 132 ore cars. The ore dock can hold 48 ore cars.
  • One lumber drag from the cutting fields (staging) to transfer tracks in the Nowheres industrial area where the logs are transfer from skeleton log cars to gondolas suitable for interchange travel.
  • One nuisance motor car serving the various unmodeled areas.

The layout is built in 2/3 of a 2-car garage. Dispatching is by CTC with verbal communications. Operations center on a yard in Nowheres and feature local switching and a large Ore dock.

The layout is about 50% sceniced.

Digitrax with wireless throttles, all mainline engines have sound decoders, 2:1 fast clock, car forwarding by car cards and waybills. Uncoupling 100% manual using pics.

Schedule Notes: David's layout is offered as a "2-fer" with Tony Thompson and will be the afternoon session on Sunday. David is about 10 miles from San Jose International Airport for your Sunday getaway.

Modified 11/24/2019