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Steve Hayes,
Western Pacific, HO.

***These are BONUS layouts, which will be available on Wednesday and Thursday April 22 and 23 only, choosing these layouts will not affect your choices for regular layouts***

This layout is being offered as a "Two-Fer" with John Zach's Sierra Railroad. This means that when you sign up, you get both. These are large (by California Standards) layouts about 5 miles apart, 125 miles from the convention hotel. Operators will need to spend the night in Sonora. Steve and John will provide hotel information once you have signed up.

The route to the layouts is very scenic to the east of Oakdale and the Sierra Railroad Right of Way is visible to the South of the roadway.

The layout depicts the WP in 1965-69 from Oakland to Salt Lake City. 1800 sq feet basement with 700 foot single track mainline, 9 passing sidings. 70% scenicked, prototype structures; this layout attempts to evoke a specific era and locations with some compromises to improve modeled operations. Operations are purposeful and include the California Zephyr and 20+ freight trains during a 4 hours operating session over a fully signaled mainline. Fairly disciplined with a goal of doing things right while having an enjoyable time.

DCC + 6 Stanton S Cabs - battery operated locos for yard switchers and road freights. Telephone, CTC, fast clock and sequence operations, JMRI switchlists and manifests used for yards and all freights.

Here's a TSG Multimedia video tour:


Revised 1/29/2020