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Dave Houston

Southern Pacific, HO

Note this layout is 130 miles from the hotel (and well worth the drive!) and will be available as a bonus session on Thursday April 18.

Freelanced version of the SP. Donner and Shasta crossings and Coast Line, Burbank Branch in the mid 50s

A walk-in basement in California is not very common, but this one was available (house included) and a dream has become reality. 11X55 feet in size, a completed (yes, you read that right!) double deck freelance prototype layout. Emphasis is on operations with car cards, track warrants, long trains and two person crews. Digitrax and sound in nearly every locomotive makes the scene complete. The Rocklin Sub can handle 8 operators in a session and typically run 6 hours but be advised that is it not ADA compliant: there are stairs to reach the layout or the bathroom but if you are able to make the climb, a great time awaits you.

Schedule Notes: Dave will run from about 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM

here's a TSG Multimedia Viedeo Tour of the Rocklin Sub

Featured in NMRA Magazine December 2010

Updated 10/20/2023