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Kermit Paul
Lone Pine & Tonopah, HO.

***This is a BONUS layout, which will be available on Friday Evening March 20, only, choosing this layout will not affect your choices for regular layouts***

WWII era WP inspired freelanced layout in a 27x44 basement, fully scenicked, featuring a large city scene with lots of animation. Bridge route with passenger, through freight and way freight operations. A 1943 WP CTC machine controls mainline train movements via searchlight signaling per WP practice. Operations are purposeful but casual.

Progressive Cab Control with Aristo radio throttles, telephone and signal box call lights, CTC, sequence operation, tab-on-car routing. Very complete documentation including track diagrams on fascia and employee handbook. The LP&T has a unique power management system that permits a DCC equipped train to operate without danger of damage if a block is overrun, the DCC Cab is NCE wireless, so the experience is seamless to the DCC user.

Be sure to check out Kermit's extensive collection of period memorobilia: wartime posters, newspapers, artifacts and music are displayed/played during the session!

October 1999 Railroad Model Craftsman

Updated 12/3/2014