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Jim Providenza,
Santa Cruz Northern, HO.

Proto-freelance WP/ATSF subsidiary over the California Coast Range (former South Pacific Coast) in '70-'71. Double deck, walk around, point to point 270' single track mainline, 90% scenicked, in a two car garage. Operations closely adhere to prototype practices with through and local freights, a unit train, passenger operations, yard and interchange. Dispatcher works with two Agent/Operators, a Yardmaster, a Trainmaster and train crews in a fairly disciplined but enjoyable atmosphere, replicating the teamwork inherent in railroading.

Here's a TSG Video of the Santa Cruz Northern

Here's a photo montage of the new improved FC&A logger!

NCE DCC with wireless throttles, Soundtraxx decoders, telephone, TT&TO, 4:1 fast clock, car card and waybill / switchlist. Fascia mounted track diagrams, station names and mile posts, handouts describing layout and operating positions, employee timetable.

May 1996 Model Railroader, November, December 2002, May 2010 and November 2011 Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1999 Railmodel Journal, Great Model Railroad video #35

Over the last 8 years Jim has started modeling the Maine two foot gauge Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes RR in Proto 20.3n2 in his backyard. Most of the trackage at Strong, Me. is in and operable. SR&RL #24 and a half dozen or so freight cars will be available for a little switching weather permitting.

Jim will run from about 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM.

Down load the job descriptions
Down load the Timetable No 11
Down load the Schedule No 11

If you love the Santa Cruz Mountains and the former South Pacific Coast, also see Robert Bowdidge's SP Vasona Branch, offered as a 2-Fer with Jim Dias on Friday and as a standalone session on Sunday.

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