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Jon Schmidt - Nicasio Northern

Bill Kaufman's State Belt and Jon Schmidt's Nicasio Northern are offered as a 2-Fer. Sessions are offered Friday and Sunday. The layouts are about 20 minutes apart in San Rafael. You will want to leave the hotel around 8:00 AM to arrive at Bill's by 9:30. Traffic can be tough, but you will have fantastic views from choice of bridges on the the ride! The afternoon session may not end until 4:30 so do not plan for an early flight out of OAK or SFO on Sunday.

This is an enjoyable switching layout in a great setting, the trip to get here includes spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay as you cross the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The adventurous bridge lovers can allow an extra hour or so and detour across the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges!

The Nicasio Northern Railway is a freelanced 1920’s North Bay railroad with both freight and passenger operations. It runs from Bayside to Ureeka. Bayside is an active port with passenger ferries to SF. 30% sceniced. The NNRwy is HO, all steam (plus Doodlebug), with Soundtraxx sound and Digitrax DCC. TT&TO, car movements using JMRI operations, and fast clock. It occupies15’ by 21’ under the garage. Not disabled-accessible. 6 operators, comprising dispatcher, yardmaster, switching, and road crews.

The Nicasio NorthernS is NOT disabled accessible (stairs).

You can find more information and operating documents on Jon's website:

modified 2/20/2023