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Andy Schnur
C&O Alleghany Subdivision (HO)

The layout represents about 70 miles of the C&O Railway in 1947 from Prince, WVa. at the west to Alleghany, Va. at the east end. The end-to-end yards at Hinton and Avis as well as the large engine terminal are included. There are two branch lines modeled, leaving the railroad at Meadow Creek and Prince. Hidden staging at both ends of the visible layout represent Handley, WVa. to the west, and Clifton Forge, Va. to the east.

The branch from Meadow Creek goes directly to staging, while the branch from Prince goes to the town of Raleigh, WVa. via Stanaford. There are three coal mines modeled along this branch. A large power plant and a rock quarry are modeled along the main line. The major towns along the modeled main line are included with some of the industries of the period

Scenery is 95% complete. ABS signaling has been installed on the main line. Trains are run using a timetable and train orders and all trains change engines in Hinton, as they did at the time. There is a 3 to 1 fast clock which allows us to accomplish about 15 hours of the day in a 5 hour operating session. Key jobs include dispatcher, yard master, hostler, and two yard engineers. Freight and passenger train operations are modeled. NCE wireless throttles control an all steam roster with Tsunami decoders. Car forwarding is with car cards and waybills.

revised 1/17/2023