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Andy Schnur
C&O Alleghany Subdivision (HO)

Andy’s beautiful work was showcased on the cover of MR in February 2005. A 14 by 22 foot addition has been made to the layout room since the article was published.

The layout is set in 1947 and represents approximately 70 miles of the C&O main line from Prince, West Virginia to Alleghany, Virginia. Freight and passenger train operations are modeled using a 3 to 1 fast clock and TT&TO plus ABS (Rule 251) signaling for train control. Hinton, West Virginia was (and is on the model) the start of the eastward climb over the Alleghany mountains. As such, it contains two yards end-to-end and a large engine facility. Other major towns along the line contain many of the industries present at the time. Two branch lines along this stretch of track are also represented and 3 coal mines present opportunities for switching. Scenery and structures are 95% complete.

The layout is controlled by wireless NCE DCC.

revised 11/26/2016