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The Glenwood & Black Creek

The Glenwood & Black Creek railroad depicts about half of a mountain division of a small narrow gauge line. Operations consist of a number of scheduled freight and passenger trains running to and from the valley division and the end of the line in the mountains - both simulated by off the modeled railroad staging. There is also a fairly long branch line to another staging area that sees a lot of operation. In addition to the scheduled trains several extra peddler freights are run to service the major towns on the line. Other through extras may also be run at the dispatchers discretion. All the equipment is HOn3 and with the exception of one or two rail cars, all locomotives are steam. All are DCC and sound equipped. The operating system is CVP Easy DCC with RC throttles plus a couple stationary throttles. Simulated time is run on a 4:1 clock, dispatching is by TT/TO. Control of car movements is by a card system of my own design - its pretty simple. We regularly operate with 6 to 8 operators.

Modfiied 12/29/11